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"Oh say, can you see...?"

If we ask Him, God helps us see and understand how Creation could work.  This is the other kind of faith about our beginnings.  It's really all about what we can see.   

How could vision have evolved?  We need it to see nature and the world around us.  We need an  eyeball, a visual cortex in the back of our brain, and an optic nerve to connect the first two.  The eyeball picks up the rays of light and turns them into signals that travel along the optic nerve to the visual cortex. There they are instantly transformed into the view that we see.


Evolution cannot explain how vision evolved.  Each of these three parts had to begin somehow, and evolve  through many generations.  But the parts would not have worked by themselves.  They were useless.  So they  would not have continued to evolve.  It would have taken a"Little Bang" to make it all happen at once.

In the first place, before they could see, how would any creature have known that there was light, or what it was good for?  

The only answer is that we did not evolve.  We were created.  God gave us everything that exists, and He also gives us the vision to see it and marvel at it. 

But it takes FAITH IN GOD to see and learn how He created everything.  Such faith is a gift.  We need to ask God for this faith so we can learn the truth about Him, and about our origins.  

God wants us to see

If we know God, we don't need a "Little Bang" to explain how vision came to be.  It's a special gift of God, our Creator.  He wants us to see what He has created.  He also wants us to see what the Bible tells us about Him, and about how and why everything began.

In the Bible we learn that it was God who made everything out of nothing.  He created it by His wisdom and power, and most of all by His love.  So right after He made the heavens and the earth, God said, "Let there be light."  See Genesis 1:1-3.

With that command, God produced the whole array of electromagnetic waves in the universe.  One small group of these waves are what we call "visible light." They make up the rainbow, as shown in this diagram.  

 The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Then God gave us vision, so we could use those waves of light.  They help us learn and enjoy the truth about our beginnings, and about all of God's other gifts.

  Learning to See the Truth

God tells us in the Bible why some of our smartest scientists believe in Evolution.  It says:


The person without the Spirit doesn’t accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. These things are           foolish to them.  They can’t understand them.  In fact,   such things can’t be understood without the Spirit’s       help.                                                          1 Corinthians 2:14


So if we want to learn about Creation, we need to ask God to help us see the truth.  Otherwise we're stuck with all the questions about Evolution.

Faith is the link to life with God.  If we ask God to help us see, He gives us this faith.  He opens our eyes to the truth.  We can begin to grasp what God's Word is saying, and we can begin to feel and understand His love for us.  

Just ask God to help you see and know Him. 

A Prayer:  Dear Father in heaven, please help me to know you and to see your Creation.  Amen

Learn more about Creation below. 

And see the page about Life w/God, above.

The Story of Creation

And God said, "Let there be..."

The story of Creation is very simple and complete in the Bible.  It's in the very first book, Genesis, which means "beginning."  Click here.  


There were no accidents in Creation.  There were no "billions of years."  God simply spoke the words, and in six days He brought the entire universe, our beautiful world, and all forms of life into existence.  

In the beginning, the earth was quite different from the way it is today.  There was no evil and no death. All the forms of life got along perfectly with each other.  God designed it as the perfect home for the first people, Adam and Eve.  He gave them life because He wanted to enjoy it with them.  He wanted them to be very much like Him.

          You can learn more about Creation from the Creation Museum in
Petersburg, Kentucky.  Take a little tour on the web.  Click on Tour the Museum.

    Creation Day by Day    

When God created the heavens and the earth, He took six days to complete it. Here is a very brief record of His work.

Day 1 - God made the earth and the heavens.  At first the earth was just a huge clump of mud, hanging in complete darkness.  Then God made Light, and separated night and day. 

Day 2 - God made the sky, with its atmosphere.  He put a blanket of water above the sky to protect the earth and keep it just right for life.  But that blanket later came down in a world-wide flood. 

Day 3 - God separated the land from the water on the earth, leaving one huge ocean.  Then he covered the land with plants of all kinds.  This was the first kind of life. He gave plants the job of making new life cells out of water and air and the other dead matter in the earth. He also made them able to reproduce.  

Day 4 - God put all the lights in the sky - the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Day 5 - God made all the creatures that live in the ocean and that fly in the air.  

Day 6 - First God commanded the land to produce all the rest of the animals and other living creatures of every type.

Then God said, "Let us make humans so they are like us." He formed the first man out of soil from the earth, and breathed life into him.  The man was more like God than any other creature.  The man could think and talk with God.  He was named Adam.  God asked him to give names to all the animals.  

After a short while, God took a rib from the man and used it to make the first woman.  He made them close partners for life.  He asked them to care for the earth. Adam gave his wife the name Eve.

Day 7 - The work of Creation was done.  God made the day holy. And He has asked us to use a day of every week to rest and think about our life with Him, and how He loves us.

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