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If we don't know God, or if we'd rather ignore Him,  we still want to know where we came from, and how and why we've come to exist.  Scientists who don't know or care about God tell us it happened through Evolution.  

It is true that many things in nature do change or evolve. But did humans really evolve from apes and chimpanzees? Does nature really prove that everything that exists today evolved by itself?  Many scientists think so.

 How do they think it all began?   

Where did all the "stuff" of the universe come from? 

All the matter and the kinds of energy... the laws of nature... all the order and beauty that we can see?  How did it all begin?

Many scientists today say it all started with a BIG BANG. They believe that the whole universe was first packed into a very small, very dense unit that they are calling a SINGULARITY. Then about 13.5 billion years ago, this singularity began to expand very fast, forming the universe.  We know the universe is still expanding today.  

Then they say that the earth came to exist about 4.5 billion years ago.  Some of the clumps of matter in space came together and formed the solar system.  Many more years later, when conditions on the earth happened to be just right, the first kinds of life developed in the ocean as bacteria or algae.  Then over time, all the plants and animals and other living beings evolved from these simple forms, according to the idea of Evolution. 

Finally, the first humans evolved from apes, orangutans, and chimpanzees about 500,000 years ago.  These scientists claim that we kept improving, becoming more and more intelligent and more capable of surviving.  Since about 150 years ago, they think we have learned pretty much how all of this happened without God. 

How do they say Evolution works?  

Charles Darwin  wrote a book about Evolution.  He taught that survival of the fittest is the main idea of Evolution. The plant or animal that can survive the longest in nature tends to have babies with the best abilities.  So each new generation keeps those better features and abilities.

Why do giraffes have such long necks?  If you believe in

Evolution, giraffes must have started with short necks like other animals. But there were times of drought, and they had to reach higher in the trees to get food.  Those with short necks died sooner.  Those with longer necks had babies with longer necks.  After many years of droughts, the necks of giraffes have gotten really long.  

Scientists also say that a new species of life might have evolved because of a marvelous accident.  A new baby animal was born quite different from the parent.  If it was better equipped for life, it lived longer. Then It had babies who kept those new features or abilities. This way a whole new kind of animal could have evolved in a much shorter time, according to Evolution.

These "marvelous accidents" are called punctuated equilibria. If something happens to upset the equilibrium, the balance, in nature, a new life form or species can appear more suddenly.  So after millions of years, we have all the different kinds of plants and animals that we know of today. Many of the earlier kinds have died, and become extinct.

These are the basic ideas of Evolution.  The whole process is much more complicated, of course.  In fact, nature cannot prove a lot of it.  We can only suppose how and when it actually happened.  But if we don't believe in God and His creation, all we have is Evolution.  We have to believe it, and keep trying to prove it.

But there are lots of questions about Evolution.  See the column at right. 

 Is Evolution really good science?   

The world of science today tries very hard to make us believe in Evolution.  Without God, It's the only way they can try to explain how everything came to be.  So they don't want anyone to question it.

But is Evolution really good science?  Here are some questions to think about. 

Where did that "singularity" come from? 

In the Big Bang, what was it that "banged"?  How did those first bits of matter come to exist... from nothing?  What  elements were they?  

No scientist can answer these questions today.  So they try to ignore them.  They simply believe  that it happened.  It's like their faith, or their religion.

Could a "Big Bang" have created our solar system?

In an explosion, everything flies off straight in all directions.  Things get farther and farther apart.  

So what made the planets come together?  How did they begin to go in such beautiful circles around the sun?  We know that the solar system is very well balanced, or it wouldn't work.  Could a "Big Bang" really have done this?  

Why is our earth so beautiful and round?  

Explosions don't make things beautiful.  Why aren't we living on some sort of odd-shaped clump, maybe like a potato?  And if we were, how would our lakes and oceans stay in place?

Gravity, magnetism, or electrical energy... 
How and why did these forces come to exist?  

Are these just some more lucky accidents?  Who decided that mass should have gravity?  Scientists can't answer this either.  So they just believe it happened.

Where are the fossils of giraffes with short or medium length necks? 

Shouldn't there be a lot of these?  It must have taken many, many years of drought for giraffe necks to get so long.  There should be lots of giraffe fossils with shorter necks.  But no museum has such a fossil. 


Scientists who believe in evolution do not talk about this.  Why not?

Where did water come from?  On February 1-2, 2016, the Royal Society in England, founded in 1660, held a conference to talk about where water came from.  Their web site said, “This meeting will explore how the Earth and its planetary neighbours obtained their water.”


Without God, they cannot explain it.  So much water.   This should be easy.  But it's another mystery for the world of science and Evolution.  

Hydrogen and oxygen, two gases, combine and form water - a liquid that is so common, and so essential.  How did those gases get this ability?  If we don't believe in God, we just have to believe it was another "accident" of some kind.  It's part of our religion.

 More problems for Evolution  

  • Where are all the graves or fossils from 200,000 years of dying humans?  

  • The earth's magnetism is weakening.  How can it still be so strong after 4.5 billion years?  

  • The oceans are getting saltier and muddier from the soil erosion from the continents.  Why aren't the oceans much more salty and muddy?  After 4.5 billion years, much more of the soil from each continent should have been washed  into the oceans.  

  • "Accidents" in nature usually make life worse, not better.  If we change a single letter in a computer program, it often crashes the whole program.  It's the same with genes and DNA.

  • Math experts have shown that even 4.5 billion years is not enough time for all the existing forms of life to have evolved in the way that Evolution explains.

  • How did dinosaurs evolve?  Fossils of "early dinosaurs" hardly exist.  Yet there should be thousands of examples showing what they evolved from, and how they evolved into different types, and got to be so large.

  • Dr. Carl Werner has been studying the claims of Evolution scientists.  He learned that they have over 500,000 fossils of fish.  But no "early fish" have been found to show how they evolved.  Every family of fish appears fully formed in the fossil record.  

How can good scientists be so wrong?  

Because of all the questions about Evolution, it is really more of a religion than a science.  We are expected to believe everything we are told about it.

But aren't we being fooled?  Good science proves that a lot of things in nature cannot be explained by Evolution, as we've shown here.  And Evolution will never explain how something could have come from nothing.


Only God can make something out of nothing.  If we ignore what God tells us in the Bible, we don't learn how wise and powerful God is.  And we are also missing out on all the love that God has for us.   

   For more questions about Evolution click on Dr. Carl Werner.   

Or view some of the videos available at Origins

Where is Evolution taking us?  

According to Evolution, everything ends with death. When our life is over, we simply cease to exist.

But this really brings out the danger and the damage of Evolution.  For if it's true that death is the end, then what is the value of life?  Why should we care about what we do and how we live?  It will all be for nothing. Evil becomes easy.  So why not just bully our way through life?  More and more people are doing it.  


Maybe Dr. Atkins is right. "We are just a bit of slime on the planet," according to Evolution.

People who do life without God are often very hopeful that death IS the end.  They want nothing to do with God during their life, and so they do not want to face God after they die, if He does exist.  

But we have real stories of people who nearly died, and who saw what life with God is like, after death.  They came back to life here and told us what they saw.  Colton Burpo was only four years old when he heard the angels sing in heaven.   

The page titled God's Plan (above) tells more about life and death.  It can help you decide which  religion to choose, Evolution or Creation.

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