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The Life of a Butterfly Family

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Monarch butterflies are an example of some of the most interesting changes in nature.  During their lifetime, they evolve through four very different stages.  Some of them travel thousands of miles.  This Activity will help you learn more about how their life evolves.

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Try to find information about the questions which follow here.

1. Monarch butterflies spend their summers as far north as Minnesota or Canada.  But in
    winter they fly to  __________________ or  __________________. 
    Are monarch children born in the summer or the winter?  ________________

2. Monarch butterflies always lay their eggs on _________________________________  

    because _____________________________________________________________

3. It is hard to find the empty egg shell after the butterfly egg hatches because… 


4. Monarch larva have how many _____ eyes?  Adult monarchs have ______ eyes. 

    The adult butterfly can see better than the larva because…


5. Monarch larva have how many ______ legs?  Adult monarchs have ______ legs?
   Why doesn't the butterfly need as many legs? _______________________________


6. What is a proboscis? ___________________________________________________

7. Why can't an adult butterfly eat milkweed anymore?  ________________________


For Discussion:

a)  How do you suppose monarch larva learn to change their eyes, mouth, feet, and legs
     into those of an adult monarch?  Does it seem like they could have learned this on 
     their own through Evolution, or do you think that a Creator God gave them this ability? 

b)  How do you think that 4th generation born up north knows where to go in winter?  

c)  The 2nd and 3rd generation of adults living up north have the best food and warmest
     weather.  They should be the most fit and survive the longest of all the adults.  Do
     they?    Does this fit with the rules of Evolution?

d)  If you could crawl into a pupa and change as much as a monarch, what would you
     want to be like when you come out?

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