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Hopefully, you can see from what we've shared on this web site that Evolution is a fraud.  Good science proves this.  

But Evolution is very popular because so many people are doing life WITHOUT God.  They cannot understand or accept Creation, so they have to find another way to explain our beginnings.

Satan loves it, even though he knows that Creation is the truth, because people that believe Evolution are part of Satan's plan.

The truth is that we're here because God loves us, and wants to share His life with us.   

Can we help others learn about God's love?  What a blessing it can be for them.  I pray that God will help you grow in your life with Him, so that you can share the joy and the love.

You can trust Jesus.  He is "...the way, the truth, and the life."  

                                                                 Martin Barlau

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Learn more about Evolution and Creation from a book. Did God Really Say...?  is written for middle school ages and above.  

The price is only $14.50, plus shipping.  Special price for more than 3 copies per shipment.  If interested, send an e-mail to...

Include your mailing address.  

If you provide your name, a copy will be autographed to you.

An invoice will be included in the shipment.  Payment is requested within 30 days of the arrival of the book.

Thank you for your interest.

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