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Where have we come from?  Why are we here?  

There are really only two ways to answer these questions.   Our world of science leads most schools and colleges in America to teach that the universe began by accident.  Then it changed or evolved gradually, by itself, over billions of years.  This process is called Evolution. 

The other possible answer is called CreationThe Bible says that God exists, and that He created the universe and everything in it.  He wanted us to enjoy life with Him.  We are not an accident.  

Many scientists today preach Evolution.  Dr. Peter Atkins, a professor at Oxford University in England, is one example.  He laughs at religion.  (Click to learn more.)  He has said, "We are just a bit of slime on the planet."  Should we agree with him?   

A growing number of scientists no longer believe in Evolution. 



So which of these ideas is the truth?  Evolution?  Creation?


  ...and thank you for visiting Learn Truth.  Let's look at both Evolution and Creation, to see which of these we should believe.

Everyone has a choice -  

  • Life without God

  • Life with God

If God is not a part of our life, then we have to believe what scientists say about how  everything came to be through Evolution, and how that works. Every atom of matter, all the forces and laws of nature, even life itself... how and why did it all come from nothing?  

If we know God, and are doing life with Him, we can learn from the Bible how and why He created everything.  When we study nature, it also helps us learn about God.  How did He design it?  How did He make it work?  And how does He want us to use it?

On the other pages at this site, we'll take a closer look at both Evolution and Creation to see if we can learn which of these is the truth.

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